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ONE ARM by Moisés Kaufman
One Arm by Moises Kaufman is based on a Tennessee Williams screenplay. It follows the story of Ollie, a one-armed hustler in New Orleans who finds himself on the wrong side of the law. It mixes narrative cinematic storytelling with Tennessee Williams’ poetic realism, with many of the performers participating in both he action and the narration. Actors should be comfortable with direct address to the audience. Most roles involve doubling. The play features strong sexual themes.

Rehearses Feb 15- March 21, opens March 22-April 7.
Must be available Saturday mornings.
Only very limited rehearsal conflicts can/will be accommodated!

Director Augustin J Correro seeking AEA/Non-Union actors of all ethnicities.


Ollie – M, late 20s-late 30s. Rugged with a sense of captive violence. Ollie is a former sailor and boxer who lost his arm in a car accident. He is now a sex worker for survival. His desperation should not be mistaken for a lack of depth—he seethes with sexual tension and emotional intelligence.

Divinity Student & Others – M, 20s. This young divinity student visits Ollie on death row to get a closer understanding of the doomed hustler’s spiritual and carnal circumstances. He is drawn in by Ollie’s story and faces a crisis of faith.

Sean & Others – M, 20s. A friend of Ollie’s from his work on the streets. Sean also serves as the narrator of the play. Should have strong storytelling skills and charisma.

Old Queen & Others- M, late 50s-70s. One of Ollie’s clients. Should have strong comic timing and the capacity for conveying pathos.

Girl & Others – F, 20s-30s. A nervous woman who finds herself alone with Ollie between his male clients. She is unable to hold onto Ollie for long.

Male Ensemble (2) – Character actors with the ability to portray a diverse set of characters from prison guards to strippers.

The roles of Lester & Willie have been cast.

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